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We are BACK for our 11TH ANNIVERSARY!!!! Welcome to 2016's Fulda Gap Scenario Event!!! In 2015, Eric Engler (of Engler Paintball Guns) led his NATO troops to another NATO victory! WILL Eric be able to defend that victory this year? The Warsaw Pact General, Steven Armstrong, is certainly going to make him work to try to keep it!

DO NOT FORGET TO FRIEND US ON FACEBOOK (see links below). Pre-registration saves you money, gets you on the side and unit you prefer, and helps us to plan. Pre-registration will open on June 1, 2016. PLEASE PRE-REGISTER!!  Tiered pricing goes into effect after that but spaces on units will also start to run out. DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!

Fulda Gap paintball scenario at Command Decisions Wargames Center

If you haven't experienced Fulda Gap in the past - DO NOT MISS 2016's game. We are DIFFERENT from the rest. Our field is in the foothills of North Carolina - just outside of Hickory in the humble limits of Taylorsville. We PRIDE ourselves on making this game ABOUT THE PLAYER. We love our teams, and sure - celebrity appearances are great - but what we like most is people coming together to share in an incredible weekend of the sport. Parents can feel COMFORTABLE introducing their teens to a big scenario event at our game. We invite vendors who SUPPORT THE PLAYER. We invite up and coming vendors with new product to introduce to THE PLAYER. We will always be a primitive field, with few bells and whistles, to keep the costs TO THE PLAYER reasonable, and affordable. We want YOU to have a safe, fun, as-drama-free weekend as possible - which includes GOOD AIR FILLS (we are once again contracting our air to a professional company in 2016), GREAT PAINT TO SHOOT, REFS WHO DO THEIR JOB, and of course - camaraderie among all who attend.

Fulda Gap has been widely published and ranked in the TOP 8 MUST ATTEND EVENTS in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 by a number of paintball publications! Get on YouTube and search Fulda Gap videos - our tank battles are EPIC. Come battle alongside or against them on the field! We welcome teams to come and use this exercise as a way to prove and refine their skills! We have teams that have been attending this game for the past 9 years we've held it!

Both food and product vendors will be on site, and primitive camping areas will be available (sorry, no RV hookups). Camping is FREE but limited so plan to get to the field EARLY. Our field is approximately 20 minutes away from Hickory, North Carolina which has numerous hotels - should you so choose not to camp. Keep checking back as we will continue to make updates to the registration information, vendors, rules, commanders & units, etc., as we close in on the event.

Got a question? Are you a vendor wanting to participate in this event? Email us at: info@fuldagap.com


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