Fulda Gap paintball scenario at Command Decisions Wargames Center

We welcome any interested vendors to contact us directly at info@fuldagap.com. We anticipate big years for both our airsoft and paintball vendors. Our airsoft event, October 7-9, 2016 is quite likely to draw 1200 players and our paintball game, November 11-13, will likely reach numbers of 1200-1500 players.

Want to know more about being a paintball vendor? (for airsoft, head on over to fuldagapairsoft.com for specific vending information)


Want to become a paintball vendor?


Once you have completed the application, please email it to us at info@fuldagap.com. Be sure to send us a copy of your logo and your webpage address!

If you are sponsoring this event and don't see yourself listed on the sponsor page - call us at (704) 880-8574. If you are a new sponsor, please send a logo of your business and hyperlink information to us at info@fuldagap.com.  If you can't attend as a vendor but would like to share marketing materials in our player packets, and sponsor door prizes - WE HAPPILY INVITE you to do so!

If you have pamplets, brochures, coupons or freebies you want us to distribute to our airsoft and/or paintball players, please ship them to us at:

Tactical Diversions, LLC

84 Reganswood Drive, Taylorsville, NC 28681

  Please send enough copies! We cannot duplicate/copy materials that are not our own.

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