Fulda Gap paintball scenario at Command Decisions Wargames Center

1. Is camping available?

Yes, we have PORT A JOHN restrooms, and no showers. It is free to camp. We also have potable water available for campers as well but water is limited. Campers and RV's are welcome in the camping area, but for convenience we will have a camper section (no hookups available). Please know that you may not be able to park your RV in the general camping areas, even if that is where the rest of your team is camped. SPACE IS LIMITED. Generators are permitted, but we ask you turn them off by 11pm. Our field is located in a residential area and we prefer not to irritate the neighbors.

2. What is the age limit?

Our insurance regulations changed as of 2012. The field only permits those players 12 years of age, or older. CDWC retains the right to refuse admission to anyone who appears younger than 12 and who cannot provide evidence of their legal age. CDWC also has the right to request identification to verify age. Your parents must sign your waiver if under 18. We would prefer 15 or older if not accompanied by parents.

3. What kind of paint, how much, and can I bring my own?

We will have several grades of exceptional Valken brand paintballs made especially for Fulda Gap - starting at $55 a case for the field paint and going up to $65 for the mid-grade/tournament grade. Paint may be pre-purchased on Scenariosupply.com between July 15th and November 1 at a discounted price. For Fulda Gap, you may not bring your own paint onto the field. You must use field paint.  Failure to follow this rule will result in expulsion from the game. If your paint fill is not a regulated SHELL AND FILL color, your hits do not count, you will get a warning punch, you will get escorted to the store to buy the right paint, AND you may risk expulsion from the game. Use your old paint in the chronograph range, but do not take it onto the field with you. CDWC has the right to check paint pods and hoppers for event paint compliance.

4. What happens when I get hit by a paintball?

YELL HIT HIT HIT as loud as you can and immediately cover your barrel with your barrel sleeve. Raise your gun barrel up towards the sky and when safe to do so, walk out of your position to your nearest dead zone. You will be required to go to a "Dead Zone" or recharge area. You will then be recycled back into the game. You can do this as often as necessary. Gun hits DO COUNT. When in doubt, call a referee for a "paint check" on YOURSELF. You cannot call paint checks on another player - YOU CAN, however, talk to a ref about a player you feel is not playing honorably.

5. What team or unit will I be in and how do I know the difference between the sides?

If you PreRegister EARLY, you can choose your unit. 1st to register 1st choice. We cannot guarantee placement on your preferred team but pre-registering early will get you the best chance! Once the units get full, we will start posting their unavailability. If you wait until you get here to register, you will be put in a unit that needs you (most likely the 82nd or the Czech units because they enter later). But you can still have a great time no matter what team you are on. It is best to PreRegister, especially if you have a particular unit you would like to be in.

The sides will be differentiated by colored ribbon on the front and back of the player's masks. Do not hide the tape or attempt to mislead another player as to what side you are on. Each player will also have an identification badge and bracelet that should match their colored ribbon.

6. Will there be HPA/CO2 at the Dead zones, and to what psi?

No, there will be no fills available in the dead zones. We have a centralized fill station. Fills at our field are consistent and quick but there will still be a line (although we do keep it short and we do keep it moving).

7. Will there be water available?

Yes. We will have good drinking water at the camping area and all dead zones and at other stations around the battle field, including the aid vehicles. We still highly recommend carrying some sort of water container, such as a hydrostorm/camelback/canteen.

8. Do you have markers for rent?

We do. You can check with us when you arrive to see if any are available, or call in to reserve yours. We charge $10 per day for rentals and rentals must be returned on Saturday night and re-rented on Sunday. Players may not take rental equipment off of the field's premises. There will be plenty of vendors there, and they will have some good deals on markers as well. The field does not rent air tanks only (CO2 or HPA).

9. What are the field boundaries?

The boundaries will be marked by orange or yellow tape. This is a large field. If you come into areas that look like homes, business, neighborhoods, or pastures, chances are you have gone too far. Be sure to print off a game map

10. Do I have to complete the special mission brief to be in a special unit?

Yes. All special units, which include US Special Forces and Soviet Spetsnaz, will need to be briefed . The members on each of these units are assigned by the GENERALS. The reason for the briefing for each unit is that these units will be tasked with unconventional warfare tactics, and will need to understand their requirements. The course will be on Friday afternoon.

11. Can I be an officer or commander?

All positions of command, from squad leader to company commanders are decided, and appointed by the Divisional Commanders (Generals). If you are interested, contact them directly through the unit page that you are most interested in or through the forums. Divisional commanders are selected and appointed by the Generals in conjunction with the game producer.

12. Can we have campfires and cook our own food?

Campfires will be allowed with a fire ring, or Coleman stove etc. You can bring food to cook and we do permit ATTENDED grills. You will not be 'required' to eat at the field. We, of course, encourage you to try our vendors. We also strongly encourage "community campfires". Feel free to share your fire so there are more room for campers! BE SURE TO BRING CASH for the vendors as many of them do not accept credit cards and there is not an ATM on the field's grounds.

13. When does the first game actually start?

H-Hour, Fulda Gap 2016 will be 10:00 am Saturday. That is when 'Game On' is sounded. The Americans and Germans will be inserting into their bases as early as 0800. Latecomers will be forced to join the airborne units, which do not insert until 1200. You MUST go through safety orientation to play, and that means you have to be there no later than Saturday at 0700 to get through the lines. We highly recommend getting to the field on Friday to get everything taken care of before the game starts!

14. Can I use a laser sight?

You cannot use a laser pointer sight. It could damage a person's retina if accidentally shined in their eyes. However, some sights have a laser dot in the viewfinder, these may be used, as long as a beam does not project from the sight.

15. What do I get for my pre-registration entrance fee?

Your fee entitles you to camp for the entire weekend if you would like. You will be entered in a number of drawings for prizes, including the famous CDP end of game door prizes. Your air or CO2 is paid for the entire weekend. You can participate in most of the activities without extra fees. The TAPSAC competition does have additional registration fees, but also offers cash prizes to the winner.

16. If something happens and I can't attend, what is your refund policy?

Your pre-registration or registration fees are not refundable. However, the player package you have purchase is transferrable and You may sell your registration to another player. Just let us know if you have someone else taking your place and we will adjust the registration. AGAIN - We do not refund player fees. There is no rain date for this event. We will play, come sun or come rain.

17. Can I use grenades?

Yes, you can bring paint and smoke grenades, and they will be sold at the event. However, you must use field paint in all other circumstances. The only restriction is on smoke grenades. If it happens to be dry, smoke grenades will be prohibited, and even if it isn't, NO HOT SMOKE (i.e. fused smoke or smoke you have to ignite with a lighter)! We will announce this at the event. NO HOMEMADE GRENADES of any kind. Only manufactured units will be allowed. We do not permit trip wires or land mines. ORANGE SMOKE is reserved for general use ONLY! Using unauthorized orange smoke may end up having points deducted from your side.

18. Can I use a gun with a response trigger, and or use my gun on automatic?

Yes, this year you can. You can use a marker with an electronic grip or response trigger. However, we have a 13 ball per second rule. Please be a responsible player and do not overshoot! Overshooting will not be tolerated and will result in a warning punch on the identification badge of the player. Three punches and the player is expelled from the game. No refunds.

19. Can I use night vision equipment for the night game?

Yes. However, it cannot interfere with the safe, normal wear of your mask. You cannot remove your paintball mask for any reason while on the field. It is dangerous, and if a referee sees you, you will be told to leave the field. There will be a limit of 15 night vision units per side and no limits on flashlights or spotlights.

20. Can I "reserve" a camping site?

Unfortunately, no. We have over 15 acres to camp on, and it is first come, first choice- there will be plenty of room for those who set up early. You will be assigned ROUGHLY to an area to camp when you check in. You will be placed with other players from your unit according the Unit camping map. Camping is primitive - we do not have showers, nor do we have power that will reach to the camping areas. You may bring generators but they must be off after 11pm due to our county noise ordinance. We do not have hookups for campers.

21. Can I take pictures or movies on the playing field?

You are allowed to take pictures and movies for your own personal use, not for sale to others, or redistribution. There will be professional photographers taking pictures, as well as reporters. If you do not want your picture taken, please advise the camera personnel and try to stay out of the photos. Photographers with the intention of selling the photographs MUST GET CONSENT from players in the pictures. Fulda Gap and Command Decisions Wargames Center does not collect this consent from players on the field waivers.

22. Does my Dad (or guest) have to pay to just watch me?

No. Only players (participants) are required to pay the registration fee. You can bring whoever you like, and there is no charge! If you are a player, your guests are also welcome to camp with you as long as they like! Anyone going onto the field of play, regardless of whether they are holding a paintball marker or a camera, MUST complete a field liability waiver.

23. Need referees?

Always! Contact info@fuldagap.com for more info.

24. What about prizes?

Prizes will be provided during AND at the end of the game by our sponsors and the field. Our prize packages are becoming quite famous, especially the " almost everybody leaves with something" package.

25. Do you need vendors?

Our vendor spaces fill up quickly but it's first come first assigned  Please feel free to contact our general manager at the field or (704) 880-8574 for more information. Vendor information and applications can be located on the "How to be a sponsor" page.

26. I have tried to call the field, but it seems I only always get voice mail. Why can't I get a person to talk to?

First, and most importantly - the field at Command Decisions Wargames Center is only open on Saturdays from 9am until 5pm.Our Field Manager, Bill "Greenman" Ford can assist you for help with questions; please contact him at (704) 880-8574. The BEST way to reach us is to send an email describing your question and contact information at info@fuldagap.com . WE WILL return your call if you leave a message at the field phone (828) 495-4155. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

27. I heard there is an online safety briefing I can watch and take a quiz RATHER than stand in line and wait for the safety briefing bus to empty. Where do I find it at and what should I do?

YES! You CAN watch the safety briefing online at (http://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/story.php?title=cdwc-paintball-fulda-gap-2016) and then, to prove to us you took it and that you know the rules, you can click on the link to take the "quiz". The quiz is a 10 question quiz. You must score a 90% (9 out of 10 questions correctly) in order to pass. You have two opportunities to try under one email address. Once you have completed and passed the quiz, print out your safety certificate and bring it with you to the field when you check in for the game. We also found many of our airsoft participants had saved it to their phone and that was FINE by us! If you have not completed the online safety quiz or cannot present evidence to us that suggests that you have, you will need to be safety briefed at the field prior to game start.

More questions? Send us an email or check out the forums!  info@fuldagap.com

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