Fulda Gap paintball scenario at Command Decisions Wargames Center

You will have to refer to the game map, which can be found here.


The Warsaw Pact will be the aggressor and will prompt the attack on the West. The main objective is to seize all possible territory directly West of Fulda Gap to the Rhine River, cutting NATO forces in half to the North and to the South. Next, destroy all remaining NATO forces and capture the West German city of Frankfurt. Post advance options include nuclear exchange with the West, an agreed upon cease fire, or the unconditional surrender of Western Forces.


NATO does not wish to start WWIII in the European Theater because it is outnumbered 1.5 to 1 in almost all areas along the West / East German boarder and in many places, especially in regards to tanks, 3 to 1. If a Soviet led offensive should take place, NATO will hold off the advance to the Rhine River at all costs. If the Soviets push past the Rhine River, Western influence and its ideals will be lost to Communism in the whole of Europe. Because NATO is so outnumbered, they have relied heavily on the threat of the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

In case of an attack, NATO would advance across the Fulda Plain to stall the Soviet advance using conventional forces, do not allow the Soviets to cross the Rhine River, try to push the Soviets back into East Germany and sue for a cease fire before a nuclear exchange occurs. The worst-case victory will come through the use of nuclear weapons, but the use of tactical nuclear weapons could lead to a full-scale, world-wide nuclear exchange between NATO and WARSAW PACT nations.

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